Go from Unknown to Respected Thought Leader

Become a trusted authority so you can attract your ideal clients without spending money on ads or spending countless hours on content nobody’s engaging with.

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How good would it feel knowing your content is building your brand & attracting your dream clients on auto-pilot?

☑ A system that works on auto-pilot, creating exceptional content you and others are actually proud to share?

☑ Get your ideal clients contacting YOU saying they love your content online, opening up the way for a dialogue with them?

☑ Never wonder where your next post is coming from or burn money on contractors or expensive agencies that can’t do what you need?

☑  Enjoy your weekends with your family rather than spinning your wheels at your desk attempting  to create fresh content when you’re feeling flat, tired and frustrated?

The evidence is clear.
Thought Leadership drives SALES

75% of decision makers will follow a company based on their thought leadership

61% said they were willing to pay a premium based on good thought leadership

58% of decision makers award their business based on thought leadership

* 2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study, Edelman PR


► You have endless lists. You’ve done courses. You’ve learned from the best. You know what you need to do, but there’s never enough hours in the day.

► You barely get enough time to see your family and friends, and you're constantly struggling find the time to devote your content strategy.

► Constantly adding to that “to do” list ...that keeps collecting digital dust and never gets actioned.

► Sitting up all night searching for new ways to grow your business when you desperately need the cashflow.

► Watching other people grow their businesses and push out content that makes you feel inadequate because you simply can’t get your act together.

► And guessing at how to build up your profile and reputation ....because what you’re doing right now just isn’t working.

Why I was Determined to Solve this Problem...

► I was continually hearing of stories of businesses who were feeling stuck and held back because they can’t produce content consistently.

► They’d heard all the advice from many of the best marketers in the world, have done many fantastic programs, but still, they struggle to implement.

► I often see marketing agencies being the worst offenders – spending a whole lot of time and sweat building their client’s brands online and not their own!

► I came across many business-owners who were told to just “outsource it” - only to find that what they got was disappointing, a waste of money and something they couldn’t use. In fact many felt burned and shafted, like they threw money away and wasted precious energy.

► I saw great people with an important message for the world feeling paralysed for fear of making another mistake our putting themselves out there in the “wrong” way.

Ready to make 2020 to make it the year you finally nail your content marketing and start attracting your dream clients?

"The secret to effective content marketing is to know what your audience loves and having the right set-up to deliver it every day!"

Hi! I'm Nina Christian

I’m an award winning marketing & brand strategist and mentor to marketers and entrepreneurs around the globe.

Helping marketers and brands that are doing good in the world to create more impact is what I'm passionate about.

My mission is to show you the way and give you the tools you need to grow your brand in a way we both know is possible.

I’m here to help you

I have literally cracked the code on using content marketing strategically to establish Thought Leadership for emerging brands and have seen how it can explode results quickly.

I’ve tested all of these strategies out in my own businesses (and agency clientele)  and used them to be recognised as a multi-award-winning marketing agency.

Seeing what’s working NOW, I decided to break things down to the most simple step-by step-actions to see whether this process was easily replicated by almost anyone.

It’s taken a lot of trial and error to set it up, test it, optimize it and I’m ready to show you how you can do that too for your brand, business, or agency. 

I even went a step further and developed a packaged version of this service complete with SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) content publishing systnems and everything needed for agencies and businesses to either implement it themselves with ease, or hire freelancers to execute it.

I want to save you wasted time and all the expense and hassle and stress of going through it yourself.

Because it has literally changed my world, and the world of my clients!

It is very much a replicable system that you can apply – and have me in your back pocket, helping you along the way.


You’re in Good Hands

Nina founded Braveda, named
"Best Marketing Agency" at the 2018 Australian Marketing Excellence Awards and Nina was named Certified Practicing Marketer of the Year - Victoria.

Her work has been featured in USA Today, Forbes Magazine, TV, Radio, and national and trade publications and she is a regular speaker on the subjects of marketing and entrepreneurship.

A practicing marketer for 24 years now, working with global brands, small business and startups, Nina is the State Chair of the Australian Marketing Institute in Victoria, serves on multiple marketing advisory boards, and believes there has never been a more exciting time to be a marketer.

""Nina always has new concepts and ideas that make a bigger impact overall. She knows how to build and foster communities that bring the best out of people and her approach to training, coaching and mentoring is setting new standards for leadership.

In everything she does, she shows that she is a true thought leader, a trailblazer, an innovator and one of the most caring people I know.""

Petra Zink
Speaker, Coach and Personal Branding Authority

Become a respected Thought Leader and ATTRACT your DREAM CLIENTS

I’m going to be taking an amazing group on an epic journey over 12 months to help them bust through the “get it done” hurdle - which even as a marketing agency owner I also struggled with myself for a long time so I understand what it’s like.

I’m going to teach you everything you need to know then actually hold your hand while you actually “do the work”, helping you create a compelling brand content and get it working for you to build your audience.

This is for you if you are.....

► You are an Agency Owner, Entreprenuer or a Professional managing a small team struggling to build your own brand and voice

You are so focused on your clients that you, your team and (even) your agency suffers

► You specialize in one aspect of marketing and so feel weaker in others yet you don’t want to create content that will compromise your brand

► Or you're a Content Manager who's struggling to consistently produce high-quality, engaging content. 

This Training is NOT for you if...

► You’re brand new online… It’s best suited to those already established, yet looking to scale up their brand and business by doing less

► You’re not clear on your niche… before you think about rolling out an effective thought leadership program you’ll need to get clear on what you’re bringing to the marketplace and who you’re serving

► You want to do it all… being a one-man agency is good for starters, but if you want to build a stronger brand, you need to have a strategy, a solid process and a system that is realistic, actionable and produce results

► You aren’t fussy about your content

► You are completely satisfied outsourcing to random freelancers who don’t know you, your brand, your voice, your values – and asking them to write on your behalf just to fill space on your weekly content calendar or blog post.


There may have been a place for that in the past, but not when it comes to being a thought leader. ….in this age of authenticity and showing up as the real you on whatever platform or medium - that just won’t cut it.

Introducing the

Thought Leadership Acceleration Program


An experience designed and led by Nina Christian

I’m going to take really good care of you.

I know how hard you already work.

And I don’t want you to feel like this is another darn program that you buy and never implement. 

You’ve got enough on your plate so I’ve got your back with this one. 

A new pathway to Fast-track your Thought Leadership.

I’m offering access to my Beta program because I know it works and I want to use it to create more success stories in the marketplace so I can help more people to....

► Extract what’s in your head, and get it into a way your audience can engage with it (and you!).

► Leverage all the assets you have now, including the ones you don’t even know about.

► Put in place the system (and team!) that’s going to carry you through. Not just a short burst or sugar-hit campaign

► You can be as “hands on” or “hands off” as you like – depending on your budget and time and appetite to learn and hone your own skills in this area.

I have a program outline we’ll be following, but if there’s something that’s really needed that’s not covered you can let me know and I”ll create what you need. This will ensure that the content will meet you where you are right now.

How Does it Work?

► I will teach and share the very same processes I’ve developed and implemented for myself and my clients (that they pay $7k/month to have done for them!) and that cost me tens of thousands of dollars to develop.

► You can take these same processes and implement them yourself, or give it to your existing team (if you have one) or use the training I’ll give you to build your own team of content superstars - and pay a fraction of that.

► I know you’ve already got a lot of good strategies and advice, and your challenge is implementing consistently, so I’m going to give you tools and support (along with loads of motivation and inspiration) to actually get out there and do it!

► This is a turn-key program with all the systems, guides, tools, processes, community and implementation support you need to get your message into the marketplace.

► A lot of it has to do with your confidence as well as your lack of systems, and so we’re going to smash that and you’ll have me on your case telling you not just that you “can” do it, but telling you “how” each step along the way.

What will You need to do?

Follow my Simple Framework, which will be delivered online, via series of short, easy-to-digest lessons over 90-days, which is full of proven strategies and tactics which you will implement as we ao along.

The lessons will be delivered fortnightly, with a week of implementation in between each module, to enable you to make progress and work through any roadblocks.

In between coaching calls you'll also check in with the group, report on your progress and get support from expert marketers and mastermind community when you need it. And you'll have this support for a full year!

Here’s Exactly What You Get!

The right systems to power your content production process into the future.

I will teach you the steps you need to get your content production engine purring nicely. Over 90 days we’ll concentrate on setting things up the right way so at the end of the program you have a robust system that will power your content way beyond the duration of this program.

“Hand-Holding” Support, Mentorship and Training as you Actually Implement the Program.

This is not a “dump and run” program. We’ve all done a lot of programs that deliver great information but leave you to fend for yourself, leaving you feeling swamped when it comes to implementation. 

I’m in this with you, all the way! Not only will I give you my own templates and swipe files to use for your own business, I’ll hold your hand through the whole process – for a full year!

Marketing strategy and advice from an award-winning marketer.

This is one of the most powerful and unique benefits of this program. You’ve got me in your corner for a fully year. It’s like having a brand strategist in your back pocket.  

You’ll have someone with a sharp, critical, marketing eye who can show you how to think strategically about your marketing – also keeping an eye on your brand development for a year. This is quite unprecedented, but I want all of my participants to emerge from the program with brand they are proud to share with the world and who can get cut-through.

Advice and Mentorship as you Build your Super Team.

You won’t want to do it all yourself, but you will want to be in control of your content production process. In this program you’re going to learn how to find the right people, how to brief them, manage them, and quality control the work so can build a strong team that will support you into the future. 

Plus in the community you’ll be able access to vetted and experienced specialists at very accessible rates to save you having to waste money outsourcing to the wrong people or not getting what you need.

Access to high-calibre marketing specialists

You’ll have a supportive place to bounce your ideas around and get feedback on your creative. You’ll get a backstage pass to see how I produce my own content, step by step. You’ll get real help with practical things – like advice on handy software and apps that will boost your ability to follow through. 

Plus in the community you’ll be able to get feedback on your creative from copywriters, designers and practicing marketers (with the ability to engage them for your projects if you wish).

How is the Program Delivered?

6-Module Course

6-modules course "Getting Started in Thought Leadership" which you will work through over 90 days, setting you up for ongoing success. 


Group Coaching

These are sessions where you can brainstorm your ideas, challenges, work through roadblocks, get feedback on your branding & marketing materials in a supportive environment with expert marketers.

Content Planning Tools

Content Planning Tools including a flexible and intuitive system to manage the entire production process from idea to publishing.

Publishing Boards

Step-by-Step Publishing Boards for content creation, complete with ready-made systems you can delegate to others.

Position Descriptions & Onboarding Plans

Position Descriptions and Onboarding plan to help you find and train the right people  as you build your content production support team.

Checklists/ Templates / SOPs

Checklists/Templates/SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) to help with each step of the content production process.

Access to Team

Access to a vetted pool of marketing  contractors who deliver high-quality results at accessible rates.

Private Facebook Group

Private Facebook Group for those moments when you're stuck or need feedback , so you can get results faster.


Don't Risk Poor Content - It's just not worth it!

60% of decision makers

will stop following an organisation if the content is poor

46% of decision makers

decreased their respect for an organisation based on poor thought leadership

60% of decision makers

say over half of the content they encounter does not provide valuable insights

* 2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study, Edelman PR

You’re supported all the way!

I will be there for you to help you along the way – A lot of people will tell you what you want to hear, I will tell you what you need to know!

""I was dealing with information overload while trying to work out how to move forward so I engaged Nina as a coach to help me to put together a strategy and a plan. She has smoothed the road and cleared the way, it's been so beneficial, I highly recommend her!""

Diana Piggot
Marketing Manager

How Much Will This Cost Me?

You could hire a Consultant or retain an agency to coach you through implementation… but you and I know that would cost THOUSANDS each month.

What are you going to be paying to MASTER this yourself?

How much are you going to continue to spend on things that don’t work?

Or how much time is going to pass until you actually start moving the needle and getting out there?

Content is like compound interest, the earlier you start, the more you can leverage time to make it work for you.

So the question is - How much is it currently costing you NOT to have your content out there, building your brand on auto-pilot?

VIP Upgrade Option

Work with Nina as your private marketing coach and strategist for a full year.

If you’ve got an established business and you’re ready to take it to the next level and you want to seriously shortcut your path to success – this is for you.

There are a very limited number of spots that give you access to Nina as your private marketing coach. Along with the benefits of the Thought Leadership Acceleration program you’ll also get exclusive private sessions and a dedicated private support channel.

This option is also suited to traditional small businesses who would like expert support as they build out their own production teams.



► Inspiration and ideas on how to create content easily and quickly without wasting money on contractors that can’t do a decent job or blowing the budget on a agency).

► Leverage tons of content you already have without evening knowing it 

► Confidence knowing your content is 100% original and “uniquely-you” so you can create meaningful relationships with your audience and cut through the clutter.

► Your content creation happens on auto-pilot (after you set it up!) and you no longer have to feel frustrated that you

► Access to your own expert marketer so you can ask all your questions for a fraction of the cost of a consultant.

► A wonderfully supportive community of business owners who put their content creation first (just like you) and can help you work through challenges you’re currently going through.


My 100% Satisfaction 365 Day Guarantee…

Here's how it works.

If you’re an established business owner or an expert in your field and know you have a message that can help people, I’m going to completely de-risk your decision to invest in this program. 


I want you to go all in. I want to guarantee you results…

If you go all in, follow the steps I will give you, and if you’ve done all the work and it hasn’t worked for you drop me an email and I'll refund your money.

This is how confident I am of this program.

""Nina has been a massive support to find my way through the world of marketing. She is someone who will push anyone out of their comfort zone by asking all the tough questions.

Nina offers full support and advice to discover your own answers, skills and abilities. Thank you for such amazing support, Nina. "

Johanna Schick
Founder of Kindred Hearts

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