Strong Thought Leadership Leads to Market Leadership

Thought Leadership cannot merely stay as an abstract badge-of-honor for your brand. In order for it to be truly beneficial, it must eventually be converted into market leadership and the revenue that follows.

Providing your audience with high quality, thought-provoking, action-inspiring content is one of the best things you can do to build your company’s brand and reputation. Despite this, thought leadership is very undervalued by sellers compared to buyers according to an Edelman study which surveyed business decision makers in a B2B context. (2019 B2B Thought Leadership Impact Study)

This study showed that up to 61% of respondents were willing to pay a premium to work with an organisation (or person) based on their thought leadership, but only 14% of sellers believed that thought leadership could help them charge higher rates than their competitors.

So why is there such a glaring disparity between the perceived value of thought leadership?

One possible reason is that not...

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